Jewel Candy Collection

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It’s our sweetest, sparkliest collection of necklaces and bracelets ever, with 200 new combinations dazzling with lab-created stones foil backed to take the sparkle up––WAY UP! We dare y’all not to fall in love. Our delicious designs include 10 necklaces and 10 bracelets adorned with lab-created stones hand cut and hand set in real prongs and handcrafted on luxurious silver plating. The collection’s gorgeous lab-created gemstones are even plated with foil back to give them more reflective light and color. You will be amazed at the spectacular hues and serious sparkle that come with each piece of Jewel Candy by Bomb Party®. Think Blueberry Pie, Bubblegum Sparkle, Cotton Candy Dreams, Grape Candy Crush, Mermaid's Candy Lagoon, Pink Lemonade Dreams, Princess Lollipop, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Mint Julep and Unicorn Gumdrops, oh my yummy!

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